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Renewable Energy RFPs in Weeks, Not Months

LevelTen has reimagined the RFP process from start to finish. Built specifically for renewable energy, LevelTen’s new RFP Automation solution eliminates hours of tedious data analysis and spreadsheet management. With the only comprehensive view of the best projects in the market, and access to real-time pricing and analytics, RFPs are now completed in weeks, not months.


RFP Creation In Minutes

Traditional energy brokers thrive in a lack of transparency, putting buyers at a disadvantage. Our data-driven marketplace features up-to-date PPA pricing on hundreds of projects across North America and Europe, giving buyers confidence that they are viewing the best projects the market has to offer.


Streamlined Response Timing

The days of managing dozens of individual spreadsheet responses are over. Our intuitive online system enables project developers to reply to RFPs in just a few clicks, ensuring responses and data are standardized, shortening the entire submission process to just a couple of weeks.


Best-In-Class Data & Analysis

Helping buyers easily navigate the RFP, Shortlisting & PPA procurement stages is where our advisory services and software platform really shine. LevelTen’s expertise and data-driven approach to procurement has become the new industry standard. Buyers can view responses in real-time, including analysis on value, risk, cash-flow and more.

How It Works

LevelTen's RFP Automation

Simple, transparent and comprehensive. Six steps to complete a renewable energy RFP in a matter of weeks.

  1. RFP Creation Day 1

    Built specifically for renewable energy procurement, creating a new RFP can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  2. LevelTen RFP Review & Consultation Day 2-3

    After creating your RFP, LevelTen advisors will meet with you briefly to review submitted details, answer questions and make final preparations for the RFP release.
  3. Release For Developer Feedback Day 4

    LevelTen releases RFP, reaching the largest collection of renewable energy developers in the world.
  4. Developer Response Period Day 5-18

    During this phase LevelTen will work with developers directly to solicit responses and answer questions. Through the LevelTen platform buyers are able to monitor responses in real-time.
  5. LevelTen Data & Analysis Day 19-26

    After the submission period closes, LevelTen will check submissions for accuracy, run detailed data analysis, and create a short-list of projects that meet stated buyer goals.
  6. Short List & Recommendations Day 27-30

    LevelTen will provide buyers with uniform, detailed responses and corresponding report outlining recommended next steps. LevelTen and the buyer will review short-listed projects and outline next steps.
RFP Creation LevelTen RFP Review & Consultation Release For Developer Feedback Developer Response Period LevelTen Data & Analysis Short List & Recommendations

Custom UI built specifically for renewable energy

Custom UI built specifically for renewable energy

Developers respond in standardized formats

Developers respond in standardized formats

Proposals & analytics available in real-time

Proposals & analytics available in real-time

Case Study – How One of the World’s Top Brands Used LevelTen To Complete An RFP In Weeks

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“LevelTen is innovating in ways that should simplify and accelerate our industry. We are excited about what they are bringing to the market.”

Ted Romaine,
Director of Origination, Invenergy