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A marketplace that benefits both buyers and project developers.

LevelTen’s technology-enabled two-sided market connects electricity sellers and buyers in highly sophisticated ways. We do this by blending resources from wind and solar projects into optimally-shaped power portfolios and syndicating the energy to individual customers in suitable volumes.



Grouping buyers and sellers significantly reduces PPA costs


Lower Risk

Sharper analytics, diversified energy portfolios, vetted deal terms


Hassle Free

Transaction standards and credit solutions ensure that deals close, painlessly

How it works

For Energy Buyers

  1. Volume pricing, custom quantities

    LevelTen’s aggregation approach offers you the buying power of the world’s largest technology companies.

  2. A Safer Investment

    LevelTen’s wholesale market experts apply sophisticated analytics to create geographically and technologically diverse energy portfolios.

  3. We Do the Work For You

    LevelTen canvasses the entire market so you don't have to, and the globe’s largest energy buyers pre-negotiate deal terms on your behalf.

  4. Performance Tracking

    Advanced, real-time reporting allows you to monitor and share your portfolio performance.

How it works

For Project Developers

  1. Access A Broader Class of Customers

    LevelTen syndicates buyers so you can access the 99% of the market that can’t buy your whole project.

  2. Spend More Time Developing

    LevelTen sells your power while you tend to your core business.

  3. Reduce Transaction Costs

    As recovering developers, we feel your pain. LevelTen’s standard processes, contracts, and credit solutions reduce sales cycles by 50%.

  4. Develop Better Projects

    Learn how your projects stack up, in real time, so you can site, develop, and price with greater market insight.

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“Aggregation is one of the industry’s highest priorities. Competitively priced wind and solar farms are typically 100 MW in capacity or higher, and most corporate buyers’ appetites are a fraction of that. Aggregation bridges the gap, and expands renewable markets beyond niche procurement for a few large corporations.”

Herve Touati, Managing Director,
Rocky Mountain Institute

"Liquidity and transparency are vital components of an efficient marketplace. LevelTen's robust platform allows many buyers and sellers to transact standard products, a major improvement over previous bespoke deals.”

Tim Belden, Principal, Energy GPS

“LevelTen is innovating in ways that should simplify and accelerate our industry. We are excited about what they are bringing to the market.”

Ted Romaine,
Director of Origination, Invenergy