PPA Price Index

Leveling The Playing Field

PPA prices have historically been shrouded in secrecy—adding yet another hurdle to a complex transaction process. We’re creating unprecedented transparency by sharing data on more than 1,200 projects featured in the LevelTen Marketplace to help developers make informed pricing decisions and sellers identify the best projects to service their sustainability goals.

Digging Deeper With Data

What’s in the LevelTen PPA Price Index? A customized report detailing PPA pricing averages, broken down nationally and across ISOs, and split by wind and solar. This data helps developers and sellers understand the latest trends in their areas.

Staying In The Know

Up to date data is always the most useful—so we’ve committed to publishing our PPA Price Index on a quarterly basis. However, PPA prices represent only a fraction of the data required to effectively evaluate PPA opportunities. For real-time analysis of project value and risk, cashflow modeling, price curves and more, please request credentials to the LevelTen Marketplace.

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